Community Organizations/Associations in Dillsburg

American Legion Post 26
301 S. US Rt. 15
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 502-8900

Boy Scouts of American (Camp Tuckahoe)
400 Tuckahoe Rd.
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-5232
Website (For York/Adams Area

Citizens Hose Co.
Fire, EMS and Fire Police
109 S. Baltimore Street
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-3281
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Dillsburg Area Business Assoc.
PO Box 359
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: (717) 432-7865

Dillsburg Arts & Revitalization Council
15 E. Church Street
PO Box 293
Dillsburg, PA
E-mail address: (Click here to E-mail)

Dillsburg Community Fair Assoc
PO Box 502
Dillsburg, PA

Dillsburg Garden Club
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: Marty Habig (717) 697-9617

Dillsburg Kiwanis
PO Box 324
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-1141

Dillsburg Jaycees/Coover Park
PO Box 655
Dillsburg, PA
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Monthly neetings: Third Monday of each month

Dillsburg Lions Club
PO Box 264
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-3178

Dillsburg Senior Activity Center
PO Box 51
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-2216

Dillsburg VFW
22 Franklin Street
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-9918

GFWC-Dillsburg Women's Club
PO Box 463
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-3162 For pavillion rental call: Janine Guinter at 717-432-5206

Logan Park Authority
555 Chestnut Grove Rd. Dillsburg PA
For information call: 717-502-2401
For pavillion rental call: Brian Schmick at 717-502-1390
E-mail address:

New Hope Ministries
6 North 2nd Street
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-3053

NYCHAPS (Historical Society)
35 Greenbrier Ln.
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 502-1440

Quay Park
Dillsburg, PA
For pavillion rental (GFWC) call: Janine Guinter at 432-5206

Rotary International
Dillsburg, PA
Phone: 432-3333

Relay for Life of Dillsburg or



Dillsburg Area Business Association