April 2018
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1st Dills Celtic Fest (10:00am-5:00pm)

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    Preschool Storytime (10:30am)/Library Baby/Toddler Time (10:30am) /Library

Baby/Toddler Time (10:30am) /Library

Tech Guru (2:30-5:15 pm)/Library

Block Party (6-7 pm) /Library



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  Geisinger Holy Spirit Discussion (4:00pm)/Library

Preschool Storytime (10:30am)/Library


Baby/Toddler Time (10:30am) /Library

Minecraft Challenge (6-7 pm/Library

Baby/Toddler Time (10:30am) /Library

Sit, Stay, Read (6-7pm) /Library



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Information Details:

04/14 - Dills Celtic Fest, April 14, 2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Mark your calendars. NYCHAPS and DABA together are organizing this event. Vendors and Volunteers are needed.

4/17, 04/24- Preschool Storytime at the Dillsburg Library is every Tuesday beginning at 10:30am. It's geared towards ages 3-5, but all are welcomed. Children will enjoy stories and a craft.

04/18, 04/19, 04/25, 04/26- Baby and Toddler Time at the Dillsburg Library is every Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 10:30am for ages 0-3 and their caregiver. Children will enjoy stories and play time.

04/19 - The Tech Guru will be at the Dillsburg Library to answer all your tech device questions. Drop in, no appointment required.

04/19 - Block Party at the Dillsburg Library from 6-7pm. Come ready to build! This is for children ages 3-5. They play with blocks of different shapes and sizes to stimulate the imagination. Drop-in event.

04/23 - Live a Life with Less Pain: Solutions to Hip & Knee Pain - Geisinger Holy Spirit's orthopedics discusses topics related to pain management. Geared toward older adults. Please register at or by calling 717-972-4289

04/25 - Minecraft Challenge at the Dillsburg library from 6-7 pm. Bring your device and take one of our challenges! Ages 6-13, registration is required.

4/26 - Sit, Stay, Read - Youth readers can practice with Bliss, a golden retriever who loves to listen. Register for a 15-minute block by calling 717-432-5613 or stopping by the front desk at the Dillsburg Library.